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Villento Casino

Whenever it comes to playing online casino games, there are always going to be dozens, if not hundreds of options. It all comes down to finding the very best option out there. This way, it is possible for someone to play their favorite games and to also receive the best payouts possible as well. Now, there are al sorts of different websites to choose from and The Villento Online Casino is one of these websites. Of course, it is necessary to look at the website and determine whether or not it is the right site for playing needs. Each individual is going to have different needs, so it really comes down to what each individual player wants.

Villento Casino Info

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  • Powered by Microgaming
  • $1000 Casino Bonus
  • 500+ Casino Games

Casino Info

The Villento Online Casino has been around since 2006. It is available for play throughout the UK, most of Europe and Canada, although it is not available for play in Australia. All of the games on The Villento Online Casino are designed by Microgaming. The software engineers provide all of the gaming content so for anyone who is looking for a different manufacturer or designer, they need to look elsewhere. As Microgaming provides The Villento Online Casino with all of the games listed on the website it brings the top games to The Villento Online Casino first. So, The Villento Online Casino is more likely to receive newer games and better releases throughout the year. Also, if there is a particular Microgaming option players have been looking for but haven’t been able to find it anywhere else, they are likely going to find it here.

Casino Games

There are many different casino games offered through The Villento Online Casino. However, it does not have live games. For anyone who is looking to pony up with live games such as live dealer poker, live dealer blackjack or similar options, they simply need to go to a different website. In terms of a large quantity of games, The Villento Online Casino is one of the best options out there, so it really just comes down to what someone is looking for and what kind of games they would like to play. Regular video poker, slots, blackjack, roulette and other table games are available here. When playing roulette, it is important to understand it is European rules and not American rules (this means there is only one green 0 instead of a second 00 as in the American version).

Slot Games

The Villento Online Casino is really a fantastic location to go to when it comes to playing slot games. It has everything from the most recent releases such as Alaskan Fishing or movie related movies like Terminator or Jurassic World. There are also non-video based slot games. For someone who likes it more basic, without all of the sound effects and more like what they might find at an older, traditional casino, they can play the three reel, one play line slot game. All of the slot games are again designed by Microgaming, so if Microgaming offers it, there is a very strong chance it is going to be found The Villento Online Casino. If it isn’t available at The Villento Online Casino, chances are the game is not going to be found anywhere.


There are no real promotional offerings outside of the sign up bonus. There is a reward affiliate program, which will be covered in the VIP rewards section. Outside of this though, there really isn’t anything else offered or available on the website, so players looking to earn more money for their games are not going to be able to do so.

VIP Rewards

In regards to VIP rewards there is an affiliate program. With the affiliate program, players receive points for every dollar they bet. It does not matter what they bet on or how often they bet. Over time, these points accumulate, and when they reach a certain level of points they are rewarded an affiliate status. Each higher affiliate ranking status provides more bonuses features. Some of these features include larger payouts, more frequent payouts, additional help features and invites to member only services.

Mobile Casino

There is no direct mobile service. It is either a log on through the website casino or a download to a desktop or laptop casino.


The Villento Online Casino is a fantastic online casino if someone is looking for games offered by Microgaming. All of this makes it a desirable benefit for fans of the software manufacturer. Those who don’t like these games should look elsewhere.

  • Powered by Microgaming
  • $1000 Casino Bonus
  • 500+ Casino Games